Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ollie North

A quick first post...I just got back from hearing Oliver North speak at the University of Montana. It was an event sponsored by a conservative Christian organization here in Montana that is linked to Focus on the Family and its founder Mr Dobson. This I was unaware of prior to attending, I had expected a talk about history, Politics, and personal experience stuff. I didn't even know North had a show on Fox network, that may have tipped me off to the drum beat of war using the values of Christianity as justification as a baseline theme. I was awed at the loose use of facts that seemed to be engulfed by the already converted crowd.

It was an us vs them theme, good vs evil, Homophobic references, and the use of the term Hero was defined in a frame that fit the belief system of the night. ultimately the night culminated in pandering for money to continue the fight, I think that fight really is founded in the goups future, getting new members. I noticed that the average age was probably about 60, young , fresh attendees were very few.

The one thing that I felt good about was the patriotic sentiment and love of country that was genuinely prevalent.

I had expected to come away with some respect full insight from North, but Honestly he was only full of shit and full of himself and with that he fits the profile of a perfect patsy to spread propaganda.

what a night

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