Monday, November 24, 2008

Breast Cancer news...GOOD!

Got your lucky pink ribbon handy?? All the money and PR pushing women to get mammograms as a form of early they can save their lives by getting the essential surgery and Chemo....GOOD NEWS.... May not be the best advice after all. It appears that the human body may be dealing with some cancers with out intervention. A Norwegian study reported by JAMA says

..."Breast cancer rates increased significantly in four Norwegian counties after women there began undergoing mammography every two years, according to a report in the November 24 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Rates among regularly screened women remained higher than rates among women of the same age who were screened only once after six years, suggesting that some of the cancers detected by mammography may have spontaneously regressed had they not been discovered and treated."

Those fringe medical professionals and quacks have been warning us for some time that mammograms may not only agravate breast cancer calls, but may cause cancer. Turns out that this study shows some breast cancers may go away on their is what the Journal said

...."The findings do not answer the question of whether mammograms prevent deaths from breast cancer, the authors note. "Instead, our findings simply provide new insight on what is arguably the major harm associated with mammographic screening, namely, the detection and treatment of cancers that would otherwise regress," they conclude."

Sherry Baker writing for Natural News says..."Simply put, it appears that some invasive breast cancers simply go away on their own, healed by the body's own immune system."

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women in the USA, this does not mean we stop treating but gives us hopefull insight into the nature of this type of cancer

JAMA also said.....

..."This does not mean breast cancer should be ignored or not treated. After all, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among American women. But the extraordinarily good and hopeful news is that it appears invasive breast cancer sometimes can be destroyed naturally -- at least in some people -- by the body's own innate defenses."

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Watch this..

Coke and Childrens Brain function

This is a part of a video that explains brain chemistry and the assault we are under from drugs,foods and environmental factors. This is worth watching and looking into further...

In his first book, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (Health Press, 1994), Dr. Blaylock made the connection between food additives (in particular, monosodium glutamate and aspartame) and degenerative diseases of the nervous system — Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS.

Citing new studies, Dr. Blaylock revisits the increasingly inescapable relationship between food chemistry and degenerative disorders.

Here is another snippit....

The issues and data that Dr. Blaylock references is not new, it is just under reported in the main stream media. Using the information here gives each of us tools to be proactive in dealing with our own health and that of our families.

Here is one more sample video that documents what happens when legitimate journalists try and report the facts. Corporate profits again and again take priority over moral and ethical behavior.

It is up to you....keep informing yourself and vote Bad corporations out of business with your from good local companies...don't buy from multinational companies that avoid paying taxes will sell you anything to make a buck.

Example; Coca Cola exploits slave labor, registers shell companies in off shore accounts to exploit tax loopholes, and subversively markets a product that can harm you and your family.

The University of Montana for example has an exclusive contract with Coke that is shrouded in secrecy...why?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

31 years of Department of Energy Failure

In 1977 President Jimmy Carter instituted the Dept. of Energy with the urgent need to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Since that time the DOE has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 billion a year. Carter began a televised speech by saying...
..."Tonight I want to have an unpleasant talk with you about a problem unprecedented in our history. With the exception of preventing war, this is the greatest challenge our country will face during our lifetimes. The energy crisis has not yet overwhelmed us, but it will if we do not act quickly."

Carter added...
"Because we are now running out of gas and oil, we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of coal and permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power."

He didn't say "drill baby drill" he mentioned diversification and conservation...It appears the DOE has done a superb job.

Some of the specific points Carter laid out were..
"The sixth principle, and the cornerstone of our policy, is to reduce the demand through conservation. Our emphasis on conservation is a clear difference between this plan and others which merely encouraged crash production efforts. Conservation is the quickest, cheapest, most practical source of energy. Conservation is the only way we can buy a barrel of oil for a few dollars. It costs about $13 to waste it."

"The tenth principle is that we must start now to develop the new, unconventional sources of energy we will rely on in the next century."

It is clear that the intention of the DOE has been bastardized by special interest. Carter also mentions that those who drive gas guzzlers and inefficient vehicles should be penalized. Instead The government gives tax breaks to consumers for buying them and incentives for US car makers to keep producing inferior product. Now they beg for help(money), I want to send them a copy of the documentary "Who Killed the Electric car"

Carter went on to lay out some, that would make me think they meant it! Here they are, judge for yourself how successfully we have been...
"These are the goals we set for 1985:

--Reduce the annual growth rate in our energy demand to less than two percent.

--Reduce gasoline consumption by ten percent below its current level.

--Cut in half the portion of United States oil which is imported, from a potential level of 16 million barrels to six million barrels a day.

--Establish a strategic petroleum reserve of one billion barrels, more than six months' supply.

--Increase our coal production by about two thirds to more than 1 billion tons a year.

--Insulate 90 percent of American homes and all new buildings.

--Use solar energy in more than two and one-half million houses.

Carter also talks about making us, uhm, a different kinda rich....
"Other generation of Americans have faced and mastered great challenges. I have faith that meeting this challenge will make our own lives even richer. If you will join me so that we can work together with patriotism and courage, we will again prove that our great nation can lead the world into an age of peace, independence and freedom."

In hind sight we have seen that growth is moth important and we ha vent embraced any kind of growth that doesn't involve consumption and rabid consumerism.

When I look at recent history and I reflect on what President elect Obama sermonizes...I don't have a lot of faith.

That is OK because ultimately the real solution will come from you and me....Not the government.

The entire text of President Carter's speech can be found here..

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