Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mormons and Politics

Every ten days there is a teen suicide in Utah, Teen pregnancy is ranked 6Th in the nation in Utah. In Utah substance abuse is low, even when I was a kid the local pot dealer was the Bishops son of our local Mormon church. Why is this relevant or important...because in my opinion it represents a huge conformity and Hipocricy issue, and if the Mormon church sets the tone the faithfull followow along. There is so much pressure to be accepted and follow along in the LDS church, it is unbelievable. I saw this first hand growing up....and I feel so sorry for kids that grow up in communities that have large Mormon Populations, it is not easy...heck it isnt easy being such thing as a part timer....your doing it , or you are not.

Mormons are not the only ones that deal with this..Jews and Scientologists also have this dilemma. I have had a lot of Jewish friends also...and they like the Mormons were comletely different people when they were not around others of the same belief factor. The pressure to conform, the guilt, the authoritarian control(more so for mormons) is monumental.

Mormons as a group especially in the public sphere are very subject to right wing authoritarian control. The recent Mormon involvement in the anti-gay proposition in California is a perfect example and a red flag as to what can happen.

Mormons are taught to have a personal relationship with long as it falls within the guide lines of the church. Multi level marketing programs flourish within the Mormon church. Mormon Individually are generally great, awesome and trustworthy human beings. Collectively they become a mass of mindless followers subject to fear and hate conveniently cloaked in family values. Usually Mormons seem to have good rational and reasoning to back up thier faith....get a little deeper and they are lost. The dont have critical thinking skills in general...everything is thought out for them.

If you want a prime example and poster child for what Mormons believe look no further than fear Monger Glen Beck. He is a very bizzarro TV guy that feels that he is doing gods work....but all he is really doing is serving up the Kool-Aide, YIKES!!

Although the Mormon institution has its faults ...there are many very good things about the church...and I mean that, they get a worse rap than they deserve. They make adjustments when their proverbial arm is twisted, like Polygamy(the us government threatened by force) all of a sudden god told them to stop the practice he told them to initiate through a prophet??!!. Then the issue of racism and blacks holding the priesthood. Black fairly recently were not allowed to hold certain offices...because of the curse...the mark(blackness) Cain killed Able...or something!

As far as politics go I remember my friends fathers who happened to be devout Mormon praising Ronald Reagan....a lot of well to do Mormons worship Reagan, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a push in 2012 for Romney and he will be very Reagan like.

I think Mormons should work on solving problems in their own back yard before they start trying to dictate how everyone else lives. But as they will tell you...THEY are the only true church and unless others follow their way ....upper levels of heavan and celestial rewards are not to be had.

I am supportive of Mormons and others right to have thier belief but it is not tolerable in my opinion for groups to excercise their faith at the expense of others. Im not a big fan of guys marrying guys but....get the churches out of deciding on civil unions...who can and cant have them. If people of faith were so concerned about gays,gay rape,homosexuality and other such perverse things...why didnt they stop the catholics. where is that justice?? what about those souls?? what about it..where were you do gooders?????

Friday, November 7, 2008

Remember Veterans Day

Talk-show host Phil Donahue, a graduate of St. Edward High School in Lakewood, is the co-writer, director and producer of the documentary "Body of War,'' which the Sundance Channel will air at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 11, to recognize Veterans Day.

Winner of the National Board of Review award for best documentary, the film explores the experience of Iraq War veteran Tomas Young, whose spine was severed by a sniper's bullet within a week of arriving in Iraq. The injury left him paralyzed for life at age 25.

Written and directed in partnership with Ellen Spiro, Donahue's "Body of War'' features two original songs written and performed by Eddie Vedder. The documentary follows Young as he returns home to Missouri, marries in August 2005 and begins the next chapter of his life as an outspoken member of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

GMO food lessons for kids

I was listening to our sixth grader talk about his day at school and all the great things they learn. I mean that, they have some great teachers at our school here in Target Range. Well the subject of Genetically Modified (engineered) food came up and of course I was courious. They get this little news paper like thing called the World History Studies weekly published by American legacy publishing based in Utah.

The artcle started out like this..."Have you ever heard of genetically engineered food? Now, dont be ashamed if you say "no". I like how the subvesive connection is made between being ashamed and not knowing about GMO's. the article goes on to state that farmers like GMO products because they dont have to buy pesticides....and this we know is an outright lie or completely ignorant sloppy journalism. Monsanto alters the traits of foods so that they are resistant to pesticides, therefore they can sell MORE pesticides to the Farmer...and get the farmer to buy more seeds every year because they are patented.

The best one is when the author explains how this technology can be used to feed the starving people of the world. Someone needs to inform the author that we in the USA already pay farmers to NOT farm their land. Feeding the poor starving people in third world countries is just a PR talking point so that GMO's can gain emotional acceptance. The article does mention some worry about this technology in terms of creating "franken foods" but only explains them as pesticide resistant weeds.

The article reminds me of a pay for post artcle, an ad or PR piece that appears as a legit piece of journalism. I dont know why they would be citing a 3 year old study that focused on acceptance and knowledge of GMO's rather than facts on what GMO's are and the real dangers.

It seems that more and more schools are being used to influence kids, their beliefs but more in terms of how they will eventually spend their Money.

In Montana...On January 27,2003 the Montana State Senate unanimously passed a bill which says that the introduction of GM wheat and barley “must be carefully timed so that it occurs only when there is acceptance of these crops by Montana’s major customers.” Timing and acceptance are important...not safety,.Source

Do you wonder why they call it round-up ready...because they can dump tons of toxic chemicles on it....and finally we now get GMO sugar..."After seven years of keeping sugar from genetically modified sugar beets out of their food, Kellogg, Hershey’s and the Wyoming based American Crystal Sugarwill use sugar made from genetically modified (GM) beets.

The decision marks a turnaround for Crystal Sugar, the nation’s largest sugar producer,....source

Montana election fraud??

I dont you? I cant point to any specifics but there just seems to be a quiet acceptance of results even though we are still counting our votes with the highly controvesial ES&S voting machines. ES&S problems are wide are a few examples...

Its like highing a cleptomaniac to manage your store....they may not rip you off guaranteed to have a problem down the road! The time to fix this problem is before we have one!!

---However, Montana State law still leaves large security holes in needed election protection procedures, including:
1) Requiring that only one election official look at ballots in a recount, in spite of general national understanding that at least two examiners, (one each from opposing parties), should examine each recounted ballot.

2) Montana recount law only allows recounts in elections where the vote difference the rest

---Currently in Minnisota..(this is a big one)..A spokesman in Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's office said the M-100 optical scan machines used in the Coleman/Franken race were tested and performed accurately.

But it's possible, Ritchie said in an interview with Minnesota Public Radio Tuesday, that a recount will uncover voter machine failures that could tip the outcome of the election in Franken's favor. read the rest

---...What this means on Election Day is that ES&S, a private company, manages everything about the voting, from voter registration, the printing of ballots, the programming of the voting machines, the counting and tabulation of the votes, and the final reporting of the results for 60 million Americans in 47 states....more here

---Al Franken's Razor-Thin MN Senate Race Counted on Flawed Optical-Scan Systems
PLUS: Details on 'What in the Hell Happened in Alaska' and Georgia and Oregon...
I'm exhausted, so forgive me if I make this quicker than it deserves. And if I haven't yet been able to jump into a myriad of other elections of serious concern around the country still today.

But just a few quick the rest

---Audits still lacking
All those changes heartened Sara Busey of Missoula, who is the Help America Vote Act representative for the Montana League of Women Voters, but the league's top priority for making elections more secure was rejected by the 2007 Legislature. secure elections rejected????? read the rest

---“If your party is in control in that battleground state, the national campaign will leave it to the local officials,” Gross said. “If your person is not in power they start to get very anxious and paranoid.”

Bauer has won a suit in Michigan and in Montana last month. In Michigan, Republicans promised not to specifically challenge voters whose homes had been foreclosed. In Montana, a judge blocked the Montana’s Republican Party’s effort to declare thousands of voters ineligible. the rest here

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We have a chance....

Mike Adams of Natural News says some great things and I like his Ideas...

...let's also remember that Big Pharma is all of a sudden funneling tens of millions of dollars into the pockets of Democrats, and there's one simple truth about Washington that transcends all political parties: Money buys influence.

And Big Pharma has more money than you can imagine (thanks, in part, to the Bush-sponsored Big Pharma ripoff of America over the last eight years).

Thirteen suggestions for positive change on health and health care

read the rest here

Montana, Red State Again...!!

We went to bed with Obama declared the winner of the National Montana it was still too close. When I woke up the first thing I did was flip on the news and to my dismay our State was red!! With 851 of 861 precincts reporting (99%) McCain is winning 219000 to 236000. We had no problem voting for a Democrat Senator...or Governor, or re-electing Rehberg..our lone republican congressman. So what was it, I think it was fear and racism. Lemme tell you why...this past august i was driving to Missoula from Wisconsin and I stopped for gas in eastern Montana and another customer was commenting on Wyoming's state motto "the tolerance state" that was posted on their boarder sign. I said that it was probably from the murder of the gay guy Mathew Shepard...(someone has since told me it is a women's issue) anyhow back to my point---A worker at the Conoco there says "too bad they stopped with just one they need to kill all those Fags".

I got in my truck and continued my trip, I still had a long way to go. I had been excited to get into Montana...kinda like getting home, but that feeling was gone. I had a lot of time to reflect on this comment and I did...was this one comment representative of more than one person in Montana...unfortunately yes. I have heard things like this many times...Hate towards anyone "not like me" is the theme.

It is not surprising that under educated, and under socialized people in rural isolated ares can be manipulated by right wing authoritarian figures. Using fear as the primary tool...

Just maybe when people see that Obama doest convert the USA to a Muslim nation, or lead the blacks to take over, or invite Bin Laden to be on his cabinet......ah forget it...they wont change....they will find a reason to hate ...and we will just have to learn to work together!!

Last thing I would Say is that watching Obama speak last night, was very inspiring....I saw a man who cares about America and all Americans. I believe ...he gets it!....I hope he is effective.....we all can have Hope now!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will we be rescued???

Whom ever wins this election will be sure to have a lot of work cut out for them. Will military conflict end if Obama is in? Will McCain reform the extreem fraud in the Federal government? I guess not! sorry to be a pessimist..a nay sayer..!!

OK lemme explain why...our country is not run by elected is run by Corporations! There are some great people in government..we must supprt them...! BUT...BUT...our work is not done just because we voted!!

one important issue that will affect us has made a bit of news is the supreme court is hearing about Pre emption. What the heck is this?? Basically it can makes phamaceutical companies immune from liability if they kill you, or harm you or decieve you. WOW is this for real...afraid more below

----Drug companies are using the pre-emption argument as a legal defense in a wide variety of lawsuits, and the Supreme Court is expected to hear such a case, concerning the company Wyeth, in the fall. Before that, however, a lower federal court is expected to rule on whether pre-emption can be used to dismiss lawsuits by more than 3,000 women who claim that they were injured by using Johnson & Johnson's OrthoEvra birth control patch...source

----Catherine Sharkey, a professor at New York University School of Law, said, "Federal pre-emption is the fiercest battle in products liability law today." source

----On November 3rd the Supreme Court will hear the case of Wyeth v. Levine, which has been called the "business case of the century" -- and with good reason. In essence, Monday's ruling will decide if patients have the right to sue pharmaceutical companies for personal injuries stemming from prescription drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is the big one, folks. source

----High court set to give the FDA and Big Pharma a license to kill Supremes could also reopen doors for courts to award damages when drugs main and kill consumers

By Scott Thurston

On February 25, 2008, oral argument will be heard before the U.S. Supreme Court concerning a state citizen’s ability to bring suit against a pharmaceutical company when injury and/or death occurs as a direct result..... source

----Levine disagrees. She says the FDA is protecting the drug companies from lawsuits, rather than protecting consumers from dangerous drugs. "I had no idea what the risks were," she says of her ordeal with the Wyeth-produced antinausea drug. source

Monday, November 3, 2008

If the vote tomorrow is strange???

Watch this six minute video....about our failsafe voting system. Diebold and ES&S are basically the same...ES&S counts electronically all Montana votes....????? send to a friend...

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