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Very Funny

I dont know if a lot of people heard about the candy poison or if it was the economy....but...trick or treatin was way down, even being as warm as it was. The funny thing is that the information on the melamine came from this video by Mike Mozart....he says he is a toy designer?? anyhow I had never heard of him or seen anything he has done....until today!!! Jackso, Hayden and I watched some of his toy and candy reviews on you tube. absolutely hilarious!! you have got to check him out...ill put one of his videos here and a link to his site...enjoy!!

Jeepers Media

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Candy danger...Montana...more!!

more from a very trusted site...please read!

(NaturalNews) This Halloween, children across the United States may be poisoned with toxic melamine, a potentially deadly chemical that causes severe kidney damage, liver damage and even death. This chemical is found in chocolates and candy products made in China, which is now embroiled in a global melamine scandal involving eggs, animal feed, candies, infant formula, milk products and much more.

read the rest here

Kidney Stone Epidemic

I got another batch of info on this Melamine thing. Before I go off I will say I recall an article predicting such things and other political attempts to demonize I am cautious with this info....who do we trust?? The F.D.A. or the Chinese? Flip a coin my friend...wait!! is none of the above an option??

OK so what I have learnt is that this melamine thing came to light after a so called epidemic of kidney stones and other problems showed up in China......"the toxic chemical was added to watered-down baby formula to create the impression of high protein levels in the diluted products. Melamine can cause kidney problems—including kidney stones and kidney failure—when ingested and is also to blame for the illnesses of some 54,000 children in China." read source

SOOO...I googled kidney stone epidemic like any good researcher would and guess what I found..!!??!! in the new york times...

"To the great surprise of parents, kidney stones, once considered a disorder of middle age, are now showing up in children as young as 5 or 6."

This could be something or this could be nothing, definitely something!! perhaps not connected with Melamine but with kids diet in general....experts say...

"University of Wisconsin. He and other experts mentioned not just salty chips and French fries, but also processed foods like sandwich meats; canned soups; packaged meals; and even sports drinks like Gatorade, which are so popular among schoolchildren they are now sold in child-friendly juice boxes."

The key phrase from the Times article is the lead line>..."To the great surprise of parents..."

This is no SURPRISE!! it is common sense.... Parents more and more tend to be lazy and use their naive trust in the system as an excuse. Wake up take the time...spend the energy...get back to wholesome foods for ourselves and our kids.

I know it is hard and yes I feel helpless sometimes...overwhelmed...outgunned, but I will leave you with one thought....and it is fitting with election season upon us.

VOTE WITH YOU DOLLAR.....every single dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of products and companies you get. do you vote with you money on large multinational companies ....or local family owned you look to buy locally produced foods or pre-packed mystery meat from Mexico and tomatoes from Malaysia? I am not saying ..don't buy foreign smart...if some USA company is making crap and trying to trick you into buying it...VOTE them out of business!!!!

start today.....

Total US news media blackout

Korea has removed the following products from its stores:
M&M milk chocolates, Snickers peanut fun size bars, Kit Kat bars from Nestle, and Ritz "sandwich cracker cheese and rice cookies"

read here for source on who broke the story and more

Thursday, October 30, 2008

More of this please!!

The Farm to School program works with local farmers, ranchers and food service staff to feature Montana-grown food items in the school cafeterias when possible. Efforts include incorporating Montana items into the menu on an on-going basis, as well as in special meal more

Montana Milk wars

It is funny what people or groups will do for a few $$$$, Like inner city drug dealer turf wars Montana found a technicality to rebuff Washington state milk sellers from selling their product in Montana.

---“They came in on Friday and took off about 50 gallons of milk from our shelves. They wrote on it ‘not for sale,' ” said Ole's owner Mark Ole Olson. “I had some angry customers. A lot of people are stopping because it is cheaper here than most places.”

Justin McKay, the owner of Gilly's Gas on Third Street in Missoula, said the issue has been confusing for retailers.

“It's the milk Gestapo. They came by here more than once,” he said. “I can't figure out why it is so much cheaper to get milk transported from Washington through a distributor and I can't get it at that price locally.”

The interesting part of this is they are doing it to protect the customer...from that baaad out of state milk!!!

---“Our goal is ensuring Montanans get the highest-quality, freshest product available,” said Steve Merritt, a spokesman for the Montana Department of Livestock.

That is a bunch of cowshit.....they are ripping off Montana families....eliminating competition, and fixing the price of milk while they are heavily subsidized by tax payer $$$$$. Doesnt sound like a free market way or american ...or ethical to me!!

read the whole story here

Killer Milk

The Milk pushers are a powerful group, they bribbed the Nixon administration for favors....Milk was wrongly placed in the food pyramid...Milk is pushed on children through the school lunch programs.....Milk has impressively branded itself as the ultimate health food and most Americans would not even question milk as a health food.

but should we??

absolutely!....WHY?? because it is our duty.

The problem got very serious when the milk industry and chemical behemouth Monsanto got together. Farmers were tricked into giving cows drugs that increased milk producyion by huge amounts....(increased profits$$$$)<----sound familiar....and guess what the FDA told us it was safe. other countries and experts say ....NO!

well you need to investigate for yourself...and ill stick to my simple point. milk has evolved into a substance that is completely uneccessary for humans....has toxic shit in it that can cause severe health problems, Is cancer one of them?? Early development of young girls? many many other problems...!!

here are some links (btw I am not a PETA moron, I hate that extreemist group)

---Like all public elementary, middle and high schools, Fox River Grove only eligible for National School Lunch Program reimbursements if it promotes consumption of dairy products, including by putting up life-sized celebrity milk endorsement posters. These posters are sent unsolicited to schools by the National Dairy Council.

During Warwak's hearing, former Cornell University professor of nutritional biochemistry T. Colin Campbell testified that schools are harming their students by pushing dairy.source

---National School Lunch Program means
the program under which general cashfor-
food assistance and special cash assistance
are made available to schools.....This part announces the policies and
prescribes the general regulations with
respect to the Special Milk Program
for Children,....(the government subsidizes the Milk industry)

---Years later, as a high school freshman, I worked as an aide to the teacher who administered the free lunch program, helping her with the paperwork. She often noted that the school did nothing to verify eligibility; the only deterrents to massive fraud were honesty and shame.more here

---The government supports the NSLP through purchases of commodity food items, which schools depend upon heavily, typically comprising 20 percent of the foods they serve. And many of these foods are the unhealthy meats and cheeses gained from the USDA's industry bailout system.source


It is clear from these documents that the so-called calcium summit is,
in reality, a carefully planned media blitz, planned and run by the
largest public relations firm in the world, BSMG Worldwide. I've
previously written about BSMG:

The most troubling part of the dairy industry marketing team, is that it
includes police, media, USDA, public buildings, public money, and
government subsidies.Read this

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holloween Candy danger...Montana

I should have named this blog ...Fear Factor! I am not a candy fan ...and you should be on alert. WHY?? remember the tainted milk powder from China well there is good reason to believe that tons of this tainted/poisonous product found its way into candy that is being sold in the USA.

here is some concerning info...

---HARTFORD, Conn. -- The Department of Consumer Protection warned consumers Wednesday not to eat "White Rabbit Creamy Candy," imported from China and distributed by Queensway Foods Company Inc. of Burlingame, Calif.

The candy was found on several Connecticut store shelves the week of Sept. 29 by agency food safety inspectors and removed, agency Commissioner Jerry Farrell Jr. said. Tests by the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station Laboratory have determined that the product contains melamine.....source

---The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a voluntary recall notice for the Sherwood Brands Pirate’s Gold Milk Chocolate Coins. The candy, manufactured in China, is the latest product thought to contain the melamine-contaminated milk powder. The product is primarily distributed through Costco stores in Canada as well as some bulk and discount retailers there....more from source


---UTAH,A popular Chinese-made candy suspected of being contaminated with an industrial chemical remained on shelves of some Asian food stores in Salt Lake County on Thursday even though state agents have ordered the product pulled.
Complicating their efforts was the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not included Utah on a list of states where the recalled candy,more

---FDA says.."On September 12, 2008, in light of reports from China of infant formula contaminated with melamine, the FDA issued a Health Information Advisory to proactively reassure the American public that there is no known threat of contamination in infant formula manufactured by companies that have met the requirements to sell such products in the United States." YET they then say...
The FDA is advising consumers not to consume the following products because of possible melamine contamination:

Koala’s March Crème filled Cookies
YILI Brand Sour Milk Drink
YILI Brand Pure Milk Drink
Blue Cat Flavored Drinks
White Rabbit Candies
Mr. Brown Mandehling Blend Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown Arabica Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown Blue Mountain Blend Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown Caramel Macchiato Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown French Vanilla Instant Coffee (3-in-1)
Mr. Brown Mandheling Blend instant Coffee (2-in-1)
Mr. Brown Milk Tea (3-in-1)
Infant formula manufactured in China ....more from FDA here

---info is endless

one more.........

Earlier this month, Chinese officials discovered melamine in powered infant formula made it that country. That contamination is blamed for the recent deaths of four infants in China and the illnesses of 53,000 other children in that country.

Chinese officials learned some dairy plants may have intentionally added melamine to milk products to make them appear to have higher protein levels.

The melamine contamination has since spread from infant formula to dozens of other food products sold around the world, including candy, coffee, and pretzels.

Melamine is a chemical used to make plastic and fertilizers. It is blamed for the illnesses and deaths of thousands of dogs and cats in the United States last year. more here

And I always reccomend checking out Jesse and his crew do a fantastic job over there.....if you like straight talk!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ES & S...very interesting...we are screwed!

Vote For Me

just an excerpt from here

Senator Chuck Hagel, former ES&S Chairman, (AIS at the time- just prior to the 1997 buyout), was running the company in 1995 that would count his votes in his amazing surprise victory in 1996—the first Republican Senate winner in Nebraska in 24 years! Local papers called it a “stunning upset.” It was his first race for the Senate; he had been living out of state for 20 years, and was running against Nebraska’s popular former Governor, Ben Nelson. Nelson was leading in the polls by 65% to 18%, yet Hagel came from behind and won at 56%...


Today, the McCarthy Group is run by Michael McCarthy, who happens to be Chuck Hagel's treasurer. Hagel's financials still list the McCarthy Group as an asset, with his investment valued at $1-$5 million. Campaign finance reports show that Michael McCarthy also served as treasurer for Hagel until December of 2002.

ES&S also has a connection to the Bush family. Jeb Bush's first choice as running mate in 1998 was Sandra Mortham who was a paid lobbyist for ES&S and received a commission for every county that bought its touch-screen machines. from here more

A day after West Virginia secretary of state Betty Ireland held a press conference to address vote-switching problems with touchscreen voting machines made by Election Systems & Software, she presented an award of merit to an ES&S vice president, who had abruptly and mysteriously left the company in May after 11 years of service, according to the Charleston Gazette.

Gary Greenhalgh, as ES&S's vice president of sales, helped the company win a $17-million contract to supply machines to West Virginia in 2005 and was the company's point person for dealing with election officials until he left ES&S.
read more here

Missoula Elections

I assumed here in Missoula our voting was safe since we had paper ballots....after I recieved an email, I decidec to check on this....turns out our votes are counted by a system that has a very bad reputation and is tied to the worst voted fraud in our nations history.

here is the email I recieved...
Our elections in Montana are not hand-ballot, they are COUNTED by machine, according to our own Vickie Zeier. While I was voting absentee today, She admitted to me after a bit of prodding that the company that gives Montana the scanners to count votes (at least in Missoula County) is the company listed below. I'll be gone until next week, so if someone else wants to research and investigate it's up to you.

Dear Matt:

Election Systems & Software

11208 John Galt Blvd

Omaha, NE 68137

Sincerely, Vickie Zeier

Vickie M. Zeier
Missoula County Clerk & Recorder/Treasurer
(406) 258-3234

ES & S History....


Bob Urosevich is the CEO of Diebold Election Systems. Urosevich created the original software architecture for Diebold Election Systems, and his original company, called I-Mark Systems, can be found in the source code signatures.

Prior to programming for and taking over Diebold Election Systems, Urosevich programmed for and was CEO of Election Systems & Software (ES&S), which counts 56 percent of the votes in the United States. When Urosevich left ES&S, Chuck Hagel took his position. (Hagel then ran for the U.S. Senate, with ES&S machines counting his own votes, but failed to disclose that he had been both CEO and Chairman of ES&S on his disclosure documents).

Bob Urosevich, together with his brother Todd, founded ES&S. Bob then went to run Diebold, while Todd still is a Vice President at ES&S. Diebold and ES&S, together, count about 80 percent of the votes in the United States.

IN Missoula We USE.............

ES&S Model 650, Model 100 and its problems.....some of them...

... Broward County, Florida. November 2004. ES&S DRE System
Vote tabulation software loses 70,000 votes for Amendment 4.

....Orange County, Florida. November, 2004. ES&S Optical Scan System
Vote tabulating software omits counting 8,400 votes.21

....Guilford County, North Carolina. November, 2004. ES&S DRE System
Vote tabulating software changes two outcomes in Guilford County.

.....Carroll County, North Carolina. November, 2004. ES&S Optical Scan System
Vendor mis-programming caused the miscount.

.....Mahoning County, Ohio. November, 2004. ES&S DRE
Machines broke down in 16 precincts; others needed calibration.
Many problems plagued the ES&S iVotronic touch screen voting machines in 16 of the 312 Mahoning County precincts.

......ES&S iVotronic — Case Study of a Tiny Programming Bug
All software has bugs, but the opportunity to examine a bug in voting software is rare.
Fortunately, we had a chance after a news article was published May 13, 2004 telling about a
"serious bug" found by Orlando Suarez in Miami-Dade's ES&S election equipment nearly a year
earlier. ES&S had known about this serious bug for nearly a year and had not fixed it.71

....Indiana – ES&S iVotronic
Election Systems & Software provided illegal software for last year's election, lied to the
board about a temporary fix and fired a helpful project manager, said Clerk of the Courts
Jill Jackson

.....Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood
The claim: March 8, 2004. "Well, I have a high confidence level. And it's based on the fact that,
since 2002, when we put new equipment in place in the state of Florida, that we have
had no problem whatsoever, according to our 67 supervisors of elections." 169
The facts: Miami-Dade County, 2002: ES&S iVotronics failed to count 8.2% of the votes.170
Broward County, 2002: An ES&S iVotronic error missed counting 22% of the votes.171
Palm Beach County, 2002. Sequoia Edge touch screens froze up when the language
was selected, sometimes switched votes to the opposite candidate.172
Broward County, January 2004: ES&S iVotronics lost 134 votes in a one-race election.
The winning margin was 12 votes.173

....ES&S Paid Commissions to Officials who Endorsed Their Products

....Fortune's Worst Technology of 2003: Paperless Voting
Fortune magazine's winner of the worst technology of 2003 award was "Paperless Voting."
Fortune considers this technology even worse than implanted identification devices, which only
won the runner-up award.

.....the complete document including citations is available here

......That’s not to say that there were no problems. When election workers plugged memory cards from Flathead County electronic voting machines into computers, the computers tabulated all the county’s votes for just one candidate.

County Election Director Monica Eisenzimer says she felt more comfortable using the printouts to count the votes anyway, “especially with all the speculation about the machines.”

The voting machines in use in the Flathead, made by Omaha, Neb.-based Election Systems & Software (ES&S), are the only ones approved for use in Montana by the Secretary of State’s office.

Elsewhere, problems with ES&S machines were reported in one Arkansas county, where some precincts reported more votes than voters, and another where no votes were recorded in a mayoral race. In Florida, 18,000 votes were completely lost by ES&S machines. read more here


In October of 2007, We The People Foundation filed the Clean Election lawsuit against all 50 states. To date, Montana has ignored this lawsuit, making it an issue that we the voters must address before our election on November 4th. This press release is being sent to all known newspapers as well as other media outlets in Montana. Everyone reading or hearing this needs to promptly contact his or her local elections office. Of Montana's 56 counties, 44 use hackable optical scanners to count our votes. We must all contact our county elections office and demand to see the report issued by our state election official, better known as the Secretary of State, certifying the integrity of our vote counting machines. If such a report is not available, then the vote counting machines covered by the county report cannot be legally used in the election. (See MCA 13-17-101.2). Each county's report must be a certification of the integrity of the software used in the machines, the pronouncement that the machines were investigated and found to be unhackable, the chips in them deemed not replaceable, no modems (which can be either hard-wired or operated by remote control,) exist in the machines, and basically a strong verification that each machine is absolutely tamper-proof and fully reliable, as well as operating in a fully transparent manner. Please take a moment now and contact your county elections office. If each of us do this and view the reports for ourselves, we can better guarantee a fair and honest election. Remember, it is not he who votes that counts, but he who counts the votes.
Furthermore, we should all be aware of the fact that we have a right to request our votes be hand-counted. Note that when you go to vote, each precinct has a large envelope sitting in front of the election official. Those large envelopes are provided to hold the ballots from voters requesting their ballot be hand-counted. If you are unsure, as I am, that an unhackable machine is accurately counting your vote, then request that your vote be hand-counted instead of sent through the optical scanner.
If we all work together, we can not only further ensure a fair and honest election, but will also address the well-known voter fraud proactively rather than reactively.

Sharbono for secretary of state

Monday, October 27, 2008

Made in China......linens & Crap dies!!

Yesterday we went out to eat, it was a pretty good time. On the way back we stopped by the going out of business sale at linens and things. I wouldnt normaly shop at a store like this although they do have a lot of nifty items useless and essential(mostly not).

To teach the boys something and have a home spun experiment of sorts I offered 1 doller to each of the boys if they could find an item that was not made in China. As murphy"s law applies the 1st thing Hank looked at was made in the USA.....eventually we discovered that over 95% of the merchandise was imported from china. We looked at the quality/pricing (30 cents a day labor) and calculated mark-up. It was a tangable lesson, the difference btween the made in Japan and made in china..............Japan puts out some very High quality goods, if China would lessen the problem.

I am not sad to see linens & crap shut down....we should go throw a party. The point I wanted the kids to ponder is....what is it that Linens & Things contribute to our community and society in whole????

selling us cheap crap.....

and providing a few low wage jobs....

Im impressed

good bye

Thank the FDA and DOW chemical...

A team of researchers from Indiana University and the University of California have recently conducted a study which showed that a chemical commonly used in plastic bottles and other plastic household products may cause breast cancer. The chemical is known as Bisphenol A (BPA) and in high concentrations it is very likely to stimulate the division of cancer cells.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical which resembles estrogen and mimics female hormones. Previous studies showed that the particular plastic chemical is not harmless when entering the body of a woman because human organism transforms.....source

What ever the cause of cancer...there are companies making lots and lots of money (billions) from the misfortune and misery of others, by causing and so called treating.....dont bury your head in the sand ....educate yourself...take action companies and politicians that put your intrests over corporations!!

TV news Lies has more great articles and videos to feed the mind....

Cancer Confusion....

October 27, 2008
The Evidence Gap
Quickly Vetted, Treatment Is Offered to Patients
After a surgeon removed a cancerous lump from Karen Medlock’s breast in November, he recommended radiation, a routine next step meant to keep cancer from recurring.

But he did not send her for the kind of radiation most women have received for decades.

Instead, the surgeon referred her to a center in Oakland, Calif., specializing in a newer form of treatment where radioactive “seeds” are inserted in the tumor site. It could be completed in only five days instead of the six weeks typically required for conventional treatment, which irradiates the entire breast using external beams.

To Ms. Medlock, it seemed an obvious choice. The newer treatment — given through a system called MammoSite — has been performed on about 45,000 breast cancer patients in this country since the Food and Drug Administration cleared it for use in 2002.

Only when Ms. Medlock, 49, sought a second opinion did she learn a startling truth: MammoSite is still highly experimental.

The MammoSite system is among the thousands of devices the F.D.A. lets onto the market each year after only cursory review and with no clear evidence that they help patients. Doctors are free to use those products as they see fit, without telling patients that the devices are not proved. And because the doctors are frequently paid more by Medicare as a way to compensate them for the extra time and expense of adopting more here
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