Friday, November 14, 2008

Taking it too Far...Got Breast Milk??

I know its nutritous, I was breast fed as a baby, I like to look at a descent set aesthetically of course. All I can think is WOW..Id rather eat rattle snake. So here is a guy with an idea in Europe...
proprietor of a restaurant in Iberg, Switzerland, advertised in German newspapers seeking women willing to sell him their milk. But Swiss authorities stepped in and threatened lawsuits against the chef and any potential donor willing to pump for cash.

Before he cooked up his daring culinary scheme, Locher had been doing a little private recipe testing, he claims. Preparing such entrees as breast milk lamb curry and antelope steak with chanterelle sauce spiked with cognac and breast milk had drawn rave reviews: his friends loved the creamy entrees,

and in China...??

Revelations that a restaurant in China is serving dishes cooked with human breast milk farmed from mothers living in rural areas have sparked public fury, newspapers reported yesterday.

Several editorials in the Chinese press slammed the meals as "immoral", while online chat rooms blasted the restaurant owner and threatened to tear his place down.

"Goddammit, it is disgusting and wrong to deceive the young peasant mothers," who were reportedly used to provide the milk, one young woman surnamed Huang said

Now for PETA...they are urging Ben and Jerry's to use Human breast milk to make the ice know save the cows??

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent a letter to Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, cofounders of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc., urging them to replace cow's milk they use in their ice cream products with human breast milk, according to a statement recently released by a PETA spokeswoman. read the letter here

Could this be the answer to our economic crisis as well!!

Miss Atomic bomb

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gardisil & Genital Warts & Vacci-Nation

Another wonder drug is available from Merck, it is called Gardisil I guess it is supposed to prevent HPV or better known as genital warts...yikes, and some strains of HPV may cause cervical cancer. about 3700 women die each year from this type of cancer and is ranked 10th on the list of deadly cancers for women.

I read an article from Natural news about how the vaccine is triggering genital warts for those vaccinated and my courious nature decided to dig around, partly because I am already skeptical of the about the fervent marketing and push to vaccinate. natural news says..."Vaccine No Guarantee Against Cell Abnormalities
"Hundreds of thousands of women who are vaccinated with Gardasil and get yearly pap testing will still get high-grade dysplasia (cell abnormalities)," Ragogo reports. It's not a cancer vaccine, as media hype may lead some people to believe."

The juiciest info came from Judicial watch....they sue the FDA to release documents under the freedom of information act...and what they outline is very frightening!!!

read the entire 24 page summary here

Here is what I gleaned...

---thousands have had adverse reactions...and death after recieving the vaccine.

---it is very expensive and may cost billions of taxpayer money to vaccinate young girls

---Gardasil is not 100% effective against all HPVs. It is designed to protect against only four strains of HPV, even though there are over thirty strainsincluding at least fifteen that can cause cancer

---Gardisil was fast tracked (6 months)and testing is still being done..

---there are serious concerns as to its affect on female fertility

---Finally it doesnt cure or prevent cancer!!

these are serious issues...I would not get this shot or recomend it. I would respect a persons choice to have it if they had all the know...INFORMED CONSENT! but we dont and the big Pharma makes insidious marketing campaigns using fear and deciet. OH did I use the word choice earlier?? States are making this vaccine is for people wanting to get into this country.....

"Despite growing reports of serious and even fatal reactions to the human papillomavirus ( HPV) vaccine, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that people from other countries who want to become legal permanent residents of the US are required to have the HPV vaccination to protect against cervical cancer."source

And what about the boys??....

..."According to an article in the UK Telegraph, Dr. Paul Yeo, a virologist from Durham University, is warning that unless young boys are given the HPV vaccine, girls who receive the vaccine could become infected after the vaccine wears off..."

did he say wears off...yup! the vaccine can wear off in 2and 1/2 years...that means repeated shots at $120.00 a pop....are you starting to get the picture??

Mandatory push...not so fast..."In the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, three academics—Gail Javitt of Johns Hopkins’s Berman Institute of Bioethics, Deena Berkowitz of George Washington University School of Medicine, and Lawrence Gostin of Georgetown University Law Center—contend state and local governments should not require girls receive Gardasil vaccinations."

Only in Texas(well not only)......"For several years the pharmaceutical firm has made aggressive efforts to market the Gardasil human papilloma virus vaccine as a prevention for cervical cancer. The governor of the state of Texas made the administration of this vaccine to young girls mandatory." source

Just google HPV or Merck or Gardisil...make up your own mind...dont get conned by your doctor either......ASK ASK ASK....................just thought id share my opinion.

In Final Days, Bush Pushes for Iraq's Oil

Tuesday 11 November 2008

by: Maya Schenwar, t r u t h o u t | Report

Many Iraqis fear that the Bush administration's last-ditch efforts to gain control of their oil will leave their resources in the hands of the US for decades to come. (Photo: Nabil al-Jurani / AP)
As the Bush administration rumbles to an end, it is pushing with increasing urgency for a commitment to a long-term US presence in Iraq. Though the military aspect of this "commitment" has garnered substantial publicity, the administration is equally invested in the economic aspect: securing US control over Iraqi oil before Bush leaves office, according to experts in the field. source

Why ??? "You cant handle the truth.."

The drum beat for War...why? Evidence showing Iran having nukes is proved to be!
There is clearly a pattern of manipulating the public, it is troubling but at least they care what we thing! WHY? The Bush/Cheney administration promised proof positive of WMDs in Iraq...Ummm, we are still waiting? Remember Colin Powell citing False intelligence to justify the Iraq invasion!! Remember Condolizza Rice and Bush telling us that they had never ,ever imagined that planes could be used to fly into the world trade center!! OOPs !! turns out the pentagon had gone through such scenarios....and can ya believe it ...NORAD/under Cheney control was practicing hijacked airliner scenorios on a massive scale the very day..sept.11..that it did occur...WOW!

I was alway courious that with soooo many of the alleged hijackers from Saudi Arabia...why didnt we ever go in there?...seems like a terrorist haven if you ask me.

I truely believe we have no clue what these greedy power brokers are up to...except, they do not want us out of the mid east as a military prescense. WHY? They seem willing to fabricate scary reasons to stay. Kill lots of innocent people...put at risk Americans and their families that dedicated their lives to America....time to clean house!

so here is the latest propaganda about that evil Iranian empire! It is almost as good as the Fake Osama Bin Laden Tapes

Here is another reference on Bin Laden...
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has obtained evidence suggesting that documents which have been described as technical studies for a secret Iranian nuclear weapons-related research program may have been fabricated.

The documents in question were acquired by U.S. intelligence in 2004 from a still unknown source -- most of them in the form of electronic files allegedly stolen from a laptop computer belonging to an Iranian researcher. The US has based much of its push for sanctions against Iran on these documents. read the rest here

Do you hear the Pied Piper...I hope not!

Monday, November 10, 2008

IT is joke!

By Kim Stagliano

This is a frightening glimpse into how opportunistic is the Psychiatric profession, which still controls autism treatment for many. Millions of American kids are on Prozac, Risperdal and other powerful drugs recommended by your neurologist, psychiatrist, developmental pediatrician, pediatrician every day for autism, ADHD, bi-polar and other diagnoses because so-called "world renowned" men like Harvard's Dr. Joseph Biederman are being paid consulting fees by the drug companies. read the rest here

A real problem is the undermining of legitamate good that psychiatrists and others in this field face, due to the greed and malpractice initiated by Big Pharma.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Drug Pushers

I remember when we were at Seattle childrens, There wasnt one single thing the Harvard educated doctor reccomended that didnt come from a Pharmacuetical company. Id like to know what kind of kick backs and favors he and his wife get to treat children and cancer. Seems like Harvard has come under some scrutiny for their ethically challenged system. It is not just Harvard...and do we blame the institutions or the corruption that love money breeds.

The credability of these top doctors and scientists in their field are no more than yes men to drug companies...and now there is proof they are being paid off.........

"A congressional investigation has revealed that a group of Harvard psychiatrists, instrumental in pushing the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children and its off-label treatment with antipsychotics, concealed from university officials the millions of dollars they earned in consulting fees for the companies that make those drugs." source Natural news

This is not an innocent thing....and it needs to be corrected. It is wide spread and Missouri recently....drug companies are being prosecuted....for kick backs....

"This is the largest settlement figure the State of Missouri has ever recovered in a pharmaceutical pricing fraud. This is one of a number of lawsuits filed by state AG’s office against pharmaceutical companies alleging pharmaceutical fraud." source

Right now the pharmaceutical industry is in the middle of its biggest challenge in history. Whistleblowers have exposed and continue to expose fraudulent practices ranging from pricing issues to sales and marketing practices at a rate never anticipated by either the pharmaceutical industry or the Department of Justice. Settlements and jury verdicts have been headline grabbing and large, attracting the attention of pharma, regulators, Congress and taxpayers. The qui tam pharmaceutical fraud cases settled since 2000 alone have amounted to over 3.5 billion dollars, representing various patterns of fraud...

It is time to get mad...very very mad...send some of those responsible to jail. Why? are a few reasons!!!

---ripping off tax payer $$$$
------from America
------from states

---Killing and harming children,seniors, mothers, and fathers
---corrupting a system that is meant for the good of humanity

all for Money..

If you have any information about corruption and fraud of Drug companies and /or doctors,nurses and institutions that contribute....

SPEAK Pharma 101

or some other trustworthy source...look in our links here..

write to Harvard or Mass general
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