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Real Doctor criticizes health professionals

I couldn't help but respond to a post in a blog I was is a snippet of this guys critique (source)
"One of the worst types of drivel is naturopathy. This "specialty" advertises itself as "medicine-plus", but really it's "healing-minus": minus the evidence, minus the training, minus intelligent thought."

Sounds harsh...but he goes on.......
..."First, like all fake doctors, this place has lots of testimonials in place of real evidence. I don't list testimonials at my office. It's tacky, and it doesn't give a measure of success in keeping people healthy. All it measures is how much someone liked a doctor as a person."

Well this "real" doc. is afraid to use his name in his rants about Naturopaths, but if you are so can email him at

The link to this article go read it and leave your own comment...I did! Here is what I said....
....."You sound threatened...!! We just lost our 9 year old to cancer at Seattle children's...what an education! after his death our Harvard educated doctor and others told us they knew he would die!! and that "they wanted us to have hope from the chemo and other treatment they provided". well that was a change from what they were saying during treatment...treatment that was essentially anything that came from a pharmaceutical company.
This selling us hope at a very high price is what the establishment is going after homeopathic and natural cure companies for!! shouldn't I be able to choose the type of hope..false or real that I want.
until you wake up and and open up to alternatives and integrate progressive approaches in your practice, you are only doing your patients and yourself harm. Yes, the problem is systemic and there are no easy answers...but clearly bashing as you say "well intentioned professionals" only discredits you!"

Radio Host Has Drug Company Ties

Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin, a psychiatrist, earned income from drug makers that he didn’t report on his show.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama appointees in question...Daschle?

I read an article in one of my favorite sites,Judicial Watch that was very critical of Obamas's pick of Daschle for Head of the Health and Human Services. The letter by Tom finton outlines how Obama has broken his campaign promise....

..."At issue is Mr. Daschle's work since leaving the Senate four years ago as a board member of the Mayo Clinic and a highly paid adviser to health care clients at the law and lobbying firm Alston & Bird.
In a detailed list of campaign promises, Mr. Obama pledged that "no political appointees in an Obama administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years."

And then there is his wife...

..."Of course, in addition to Daschle's personal conflicts of interest, there is also the matter of his wife, Linda Daschle, who has been a lobbyist for many years."
This is concerning and worth watching..especially for health care advocates and reformers.

On the flip side, David Kirby a respected author made some important points in his article on the Huffington Post concerning daschle and his record.
"By nominating Tom Daschle to head up the Department, President Elect Obama has selected a man who has demonstrated an unflinching willingness to question vaccine safety, and to fight for the rights of those people who believe they have been, or may be, seriously injured by certain vaccinations."

Daschle and Lieberman fought Dick Armey when he slipped a rider into the Homeland security bill at the last minute that protected drug companies and severely limited the rights of citizens injured.
Kirby also says
..."The military has reported that up to 2% of all military service members may have received debilitating injuries from vaccines they were given. That could mean upwards of 48,000 men and women, some of them likely wounded by the same anthrax vaccine that Senator Daschle was trying to kill.

Again, I am sure that Senator Daschle is not anti-vaccine, and I have no idea what his views are on the vaccine-autism debate today.

But I do know that, six years ago, he said that "mercury-based vaccine preservatives actually have caused autism in children." And I know that he tried to stop production of a vaccine that he felt was hurting far too many people.

Senator Baucus from Montana has already unveiled a plan on health care reform. The key issues are expanded medicaid and medicare, and requiring employers to pay for benefits.

This is gonna be ugly! We will see what it means for Monatnans

Vaccine fear...your not alone

vaccine fearSeems to me that there are two camps developing in reference to the hot topic of vaccination. Fear seems to have underpinnings in most people sentiments, be it getting a dreaded life altering disease like Whooping cough or will the vaccine cause Autism or some other horrible reaction. Good and credible information is key for many of us to make good choices for ourselves and our families, and there is a lot of information much of it mis-information or information that is complex and confusing. Doctor have a Legal and Ethical obligation to have a communication process with patients that can be referred to as informed consent, this includes but is not limited to disclosing and discussing the risks and benefits of a treatment or proceedure.

Recently we took our two kids to get the required T-dAP shots to the family pediatrician. The kids nervouse about the shots politely asked the doctor some specific legitamate questions. The doctor clearly showed his impatience and responded that he really didnt have time to answer and we could reschedule. I couldnt believe the unprofessional cavalier attitude. Sadly this is a systemic morale problem that transcends the individual Doctor with profound adverse affects on us all.

The reason I decided to write this post is because I heard about a new local Doc. here in Missoula that was hosting a presentation on vaccines. Dr. Teresita Martinez of the Golgi clinic will share her personal and professional perspectives on this very important topic, I plan to attend. I certianly have formed some strong opinions regarding the issue as you may know ...especially if you have read other sections of this blog. First I was impressed that Dr. Martinez is brave enough to take the time to get involved with the community this way...(perhaps she doesnt like to golf). Second...I decided to call the clinic and feel it out, I got to speak with Dr. Martinez and ask a few refreshing, I got real answers.

GolgiHere is a link to there website if you think about going...Golgi Clinic

I hope to have a juicy update

Thursday, November 20, 2008

GMO not so Common Sense

melonmmnjk.jpgThe battle against science, as some would have you believe rages on. True food group is active about Genetic modified animal and says this...

...." Genetically engineered animals may be heading to your local supermarket faster than you think. Though creating animals in a lab sounds like science fiction, it’s happening right now..."

There seems to be a frenzied push to get GMO foods into our lives, I didnt know the biotech companies cared about us and the starving 3rd world children so is what they are saying....
"The development of golden rice was, it seemed, compelling and inspiring evidence that GM crops are the answer to malnutrition and hunger. Time quoted former U.S. President Jimmy Carter: “Responsible biotechnology is not the enemy, starvation is.”

One Monsanto ad tells the public: “Biotechnology is one of tomorrow’s tools in our hands today. Slowing its acceptance is a luxury our hungry world cannot afford.” On the Food Revolution site John adds

..."For countless centuries farmers have fed humanity by saving the seed from one years crop to plant the following year. But Monsanto, the company that claims its motives are to help feed the hungry, has developed what it calls a “Technology Protection System” that renders seeds sterile. Commonly known as “terminator technology,” and developed with taxpayer funding by the USDA and Delta & Pine Land Company (an affiliate of Monsanto), the process genetically alters seeds so that their offspring will be sterile for all time. If employed, this technology would ensure that farmers cannot save their own seeds, but would have to come back to Monsanto year after year to purchase new ones."

The entire premise that we can feed the hungry with GMO technology seems flawed when we pay farmers in the USA 1.8 billion dollars to not farm. Here in Montana we have 3.3 million acres enrolled in this government program 2nd highest of the almost 35 million acres nation wide.

There is some benefit from the conservation recovery program, environmentalists and hunters are pleased, and markets are stablized. The USDA site states

..."CRP protects millions of acres of American topsoil from erosion and is designed to safeguard the Nation's natural resources. By reducing water runoff and sedimentation, CRP protects groundwater and helps improve the condition of lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. Acreage enrolled in the CRP is planted to resource-conserving vegetative covers, making the program a major contributor to increased wildlife populations in many parts of the country."

The bottom line I must sadly admit, is that Monsanto and other biotech companies care about 1 thing....and that is making money...and by controlling our food source we will be enslaved to them and their Patents. This is assuming all this Franken food is safe, either way you will pay and pay to eat

Hospital screw up leaves Mom a quadruple amputee...

So how does this happen? we have all heard these stories and it seems like they happen more and more. Morale is down in the medical profession because they are puppets of the insurance and Pharma industry...then come along the evil lawyers making it worse. If it were not for the Lawyers she would be blamed and she would be is here story with a link to the entire article...

She went to a Brooklyn emergency room suffering from what she thought was just a kidney stone, but a medical nightmare left her partly blind and a quadruple amputee.

"I woke up with black feet and black hands," Mullings said.

Grappling to get the infection under control, doctors were forced to amputate both her feet and hands. The infection rendered her blind in her right eye.

source nydailynews
What do we learm from this? Be proactive question your doctor,research those Vaccines they wanna jack you and your kids up with, Get others..ask questions...speak out

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Montana's Baucus makes care

Get ready to be bombarded by oodles of propaganda and scare tactics, I have to admit I like to see big Pharma squirm....we will follow our boy Max and his efforts....a link to the entire article is posted at the bottom

Healthcare reform's kumbaya moment didn't last long. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association will roll out a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign this week that aims to make "people aware of the importance of preserving your free-market healthcare system," as a senior executive told the Washington Times.

They fear loosing lotsa folks its a business with share holders...THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH
You can multiply that sentiment many times over by perusing the fine print of a comprehensive and well-reasoned healthcare reform plan issued last week by Max Baucus, the easy-going Democrat from Montana who chairs the powerful Senate finance committee.

California Fires..AGAIN!! watch

Flu Season (NON)Facts ??

I saw Christy Yamagucci the Olympic ice skater on TV using her cheesey star mug to promote flu vaccines. I have seen it in other places like there was a place you could vote and get the JAB at the same time. Why is there such a push to get the Flu shot?? To save lives of course...guess how many lives are saved...well they can only estimate...but it is estimated that a few hundred lives are saved....What you say only a few hundred and they are not sure that the vaccine did it ....

WHY...because there is no proof..NONE, that the flu shot works...the CDC even admits is a very dodgy science clouded in mystery....!!

The PR/Propaganda is interesting here is an example of the push from a typical health site...

"Today, I want to focus on something that confronts all of us right now. That is the annual winter flu," he said. "The seasonal flu kills an average of 36,000 Americans every year(this number is pulled from the CDCs own web site). It sends some 200,000 to the hospital and costs countless lost days of school and work. Much of this can be prevented by the simple act of getting a flu shot."

---the sesonal flu only kills 1-4% of that 36,000 and most of those are 65 and older..with other serious health problems. here is the raw data ....FROM the CDC
.."You can also access the raw data and various National Vital Statisics Reports for the United States. The most interesting National Vital Statistics Report available so far is the preliminary report from 2002, which shows the number of deaths for 2002 (estimated) and 2001 (final). If you open this document and go to page 16, very near the bottom of the table you will see that the number of influenza deaths for 2002 is estimated at 753, and the final total for 2001 is 257. This means that the number of deaths from the flu -- which should have been about 72,000 for the two years combined -- was only about 1,010".

---I like how they try and scare you with "ALL of us" like you are at risk for death... and the prevention solution..."simple act" cmon!!

There is no controversy...this is a no brainer(except those who profit from this these mercury, toxic laden flu shots want you to be confused)

and there is A lot of Profit....sound familiar??

---here is some MSNBC bullshit...Officials say more should get flu shots
Babies, elderly among most at risk; record supply of vaccine to be available

at least look into is a start

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