Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poker and Freedom ???

Ok I admit it I am bias....I am all for Poker, actually I play a lot and have made some decent $$$$$. I am best playing tournaments. I play a lot on line, some play money or lower level cash...what a great thing the internet is eh!

except for all those naughty things that are so Porn, instructions on how to make bombs, how to make and grow illegal drugs....heck you can even shop for a wife from Russia or China. Some people think it should be a crime to play a game of skill like Poker online....the state of Washington made it a felony???!!!

I say these idiots can kiss my ass!

and here is a list of them.....its called the Leach list...compliments of Rich Muny

I just noticed the 1st one listed is that idiot from Minnisota who wanted to find out who is american and who isnt in congress....I wonder how she defines American???

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