Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baucus sells out Americans to Insurance companies!

I recently wrote to our Senator Max Baucus who was recently re Elected. I wanted to find out what type of health care reform he stands for...because they all will tell you they are for reform and have Americans best interest in mind! I wanted to Know if he is for the People...Or the corporations? Guess what....It appears that Max is for big business at the expense of the people....his health proposal was probably engineered by the insurance industry..(that's why they back it) Max is no Friend of mine or yours....I wish I could take my vote back.

Here is what he says in the last BS. report he emailed to comments in bold...

Finding Solutions
We must find in-depth, innovative solutions to our health care crisis. Reform can’t –and won’t- come overnight, but by working together I’m confident we can make great strides in health care reform.
Under my plan:
• Insurance companies will compete for business- which will bring down costs- but they will also be required to meet minimum standards for coverage, including preventive care. (don't they already compete...or is that an illusion...the same illusion of competition youll see if this bill is passed....denials, rate hikes, red tape...its a damn business...they need to make a of your illness)• No one would be denied coverage or face higher costs because of their past medical history or for going to the doctor more often.
• A technology based medical records system would streamline the health care application process.(they just want to track your info better so they can deny you, this is kinda curious about this records system)
• More people who can’t afford health insurance to be immediately covered through Medicaid, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. (until you get a job then employers control your health insurance, this plan really sucks...and to think I had hope in Baucus)In Montana, we know how to solve problems, how to build our communities, how to take care of each other. If a neighbor is sick, we bring soup, medicine and comfort. Now, our health care system is ailing. And the time has come to find the cure.
Together we can make this happen.

Baucus is a puppet for the insurance companies....No back bone!

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