Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breast cancer scam

this I got from the natural news site...go there for more awsome info, I felt this was timely news since women are being bombarded with scare tactics right now

Dear NaturalNews readers,

With Breast Cancer Awareness month fully upon us once again, retail stores have been invaded with everything pink, including "pink ribbon" candies and personal care products made with blatantly cancer-causing ingredients.

And did you know where all that pink ribbon money really goes? To recruit more breast cancer patients, of course! Nearly 100% of the funds are used to promote "free mammograms," which is just a clever way to CAUSE breast cancer (mammography emits high levels of radiation) and scare women into dangerous, even deadly treatments most of them didn't even need in the first place!

Today, we bring you four key stories on breast cancer that every woman needs to read:

Why Dr. Allen chose alternative breast cancer treatments (, the innovative glove that helps you find breast lumps (, the amazing anti-cancer properties of red cabbage ( and the truth about how night lights actually promote breast cancer (

Don't let the cancer industry scare you into destroying your health! Cancer has many, many natural cures. It's also remarkably EASY to prevent. Just getting adeqate levels of Vitamin D reduces your risk of breast cancer by an astounding 77%. You can get that from sunshine, or through supplements like this vitamin D-3 supplement from Vitacost:

I also strongly recommend the tincture called "Blood Support" from as well as New Chapter's "Host Defense" mushroom extract product, which would be called one of the greatest cancer cures in the world if not for FDA censorship of truthful health claims:

These recommendations are all made with NO financial ties and no compensation. I earn nothing from these products I recommend. I just want YOU to be free of cancer! Get sunlight, get some exercise, drink raw, fresh juices daily, and take lots of anti-cancer supplements. We can slash cancer rates by 90% or more -- right now! -- through nutritional therapies alone. The cancer industry will never admit this, because their revenues depend on people staying sick with cancer!

Mammography is a global scam. The cancer industry is based on fraud. The "run for the cure" events are a clever deception designed to keep people distracted from the REAL cancer cures that already exist. Don't be suckered by the cancer industry. Numerous cancer cures exist right now. See our articles on this topic here: and here:

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  1. 100% correct! I have just completed an eBook
    titled "Breast Cancer Cure" that can be downloaded

    I spent the last 10 years gleaning antique medical books and discovered that cancer was very curable. Most patients lived out normal lives and never had recurrences.


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