Monday, October 13, 2008

Corporate Farming

One of the issues facing us is where and how our food comes to us. Farming practices and its influences are something each of us needs to become aware of. yes, this makes it harder to shop and to sort through the information that is out there. Ultimately what is in our food supply affects us, rises in cancer, ADD, allergies and a multitude of other health issues are not the only concern. The effect on our environment in terms of toxins and pollution, gmo x contamination, and stability of family farmers is crucial as well.

California has an initiative called prop 2 that addresses these issues, I havenot studied it much but on the surface appears worthy. check it out as it may be comming to our neck of the woods.

I did not see that P.e.t.a was a supporter of this, as I am absolutely opposed to their agenda.

see natural news for great info on this topic

photo came from students against climate change blog

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