Monday, October 27, 2008

Made in China......linens & Crap dies!!

Yesterday we went out to eat, it was a pretty good time. On the way back we stopped by the going out of business sale at linens and things. I wouldnt normaly shop at a store like this although they do have a lot of nifty items useless and essential(mostly not).

To teach the boys something and have a home spun experiment of sorts I offered 1 doller to each of the boys if they could find an item that was not made in China. As murphy"s law applies the 1st thing Hank looked at was made in the USA.....eventually we discovered that over 95% of the merchandise was imported from china. We looked at the quality/pricing (30 cents a day labor) and calculated mark-up. It was a tangable lesson, the difference btween the made in Japan and made in china..............Japan puts out some very High quality goods, if China would lessen the problem.

I am not sad to see linens & crap shut down....we should go throw a party. The point I wanted the kids to ponder is....what is it that Linens & Things contribute to our community and society in whole????

selling us cheap crap.....

and providing a few low wage jobs....

Im impressed

good bye

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