Thursday, October 30, 2008

Montana Milk wars

It is funny what people or groups will do for a few $$$$, Like inner city drug dealer turf wars Montana found a technicality to rebuff Washington state milk sellers from selling their product in Montana.

---“They came in on Friday and took off about 50 gallons of milk from our shelves. They wrote on it ‘not for sale,' ” said Ole's owner Mark Ole Olson. “I had some angry customers. A lot of people are stopping because it is cheaper here than most places.”

Justin McKay, the owner of Gilly's Gas on Third Street in Missoula, said the issue has been confusing for retailers.

“It's the milk Gestapo. They came by here more than once,” he said. “I can't figure out why it is so much cheaper to get milk transported from Washington through a distributor and I can't get it at that price locally.”

The interesting part of this is they are doing it to protect the customer...from that baaad out of state milk!!!

---“Our goal is ensuring Montanans get the highest-quality, freshest product available,” said Steve Merritt, a spokesman for the Montana Department of Livestock.

That is a bunch of cowshit.....they are ripping off Montana families....eliminating competition, and fixing the price of milk while they are heavily subsidized by tax payer $$$$$. Doesnt sound like a free market way or american ...or ethical to me!!

read the whole story here

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