Sunday, November 9, 2008

Drug Pushers

I remember when we were at Seattle childrens, There wasnt one single thing the Harvard educated doctor reccomended that didnt come from a Pharmacuetical company. Id like to know what kind of kick backs and favors he and his wife get to treat children and cancer. Seems like Harvard has come under some scrutiny for their ethically challenged system. It is not just Harvard...and do we blame the institutions or the corruption that love money breeds.

The credability of these top doctors and scientists in their field are no more than yes men to drug companies...and now there is proof they are being paid off.........

"A congressional investigation has revealed that a group of Harvard psychiatrists, instrumental in pushing the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children and its off-label treatment with antipsychotics, concealed from university officials the millions of dollars they earned in consulting fees for the companies that make those drugs." source Natural news

This is not an innocent thing....and it needs to be corrected. It is wide spread and Missouri recently....drug companies are being prosecuted....for kick backs....

"This is the largest settlement figure the State of Missouri has ever recovered in a pharmaceutical pricing fraud. This is one of a number of lawsuits filed by state AG’s office against pharmaceutical companies alleging pharmaceutical fraud." source

Right now the pharmaceutical industry is in the middle of its biggest challenge in history. Whistleblowers have exposed and continue to expose fraudulent practices ranging from pricing issues to sales and marketing practices at a rate never anticipated by either the pharmaceutical industry or the Department of Justice. Settlements and jury verdicts have been headline grabbing and large, attracting the attention of pharma, regulators, Congress and taxpayers. The qui tam pharmaceutical fraud cases settled since 2000 alone have amounted to over 3.5 billion dollars, representing various patterns of fraud...

It is time to get mad...very very mad...send some of those responsible to jail. Why? are a few reasons!!!

---ripping off tax payer $$$$
------from America
------from states

---Killing and harming children,seniors, mothers, and fathers
---corrupting a system that is meant for the good of humanity

all for Money..

If you have any information about corruption and fraud of Drug companies and /or doctors,nurses and institutions that contribute....

SPEAK Pharma 101

or some other trustworthy source...look in our links here..

write to Harvard or Mass general

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