Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mormons and Politics

Every ten days there is a teen suicide in Utah, Teen pregnancy is ranked 6Th in the nation in Utah. In Utah substance abuse is low, even when I was a kid the local pot dealer was the Bishops son of our local Mormon church. Why is this relevant or important...because in my opinion it represents a huge conformity and Hipocricy issue, and if the Mormon church sets the tone the faithfull followow along. There is so much pressure to be accepted and follow along in the LDS church, it is unbelievable. I saw this first hand growing up....and I feel so sorry for kids that grow up in communities that have large Mormon Populations, it is not easy...heck it isnt easy being such thing as a part timer....your doing it , or you are not.

Mormons are not the only ones that deal with this..Jews and Scientologists also have this dilemma. I have had a lot of Jewish friends also...and they like the Mormons were comletely different people when they were not around others of the same belief factor. The pressure to conform, the guilt, the authoritarian control(more so for mormons) is monumental.

Mormons as a group especially in the public sphere are very subject to right wing authoritarian control. The recent Mormon involvement in the anti-gay proposition in California is a perfect example and a red flag as to what can happen.

Mormons are taught to have a personal relationship with long as it falls within the guide lines of the church. Multi level marketing programs flourish within the Mormon church. Mormon Individually are generally great, awesome and trustworthy human beings. Collectively they become a mass of mindless followers subject to fear and hate conveniently cloaked in family values. Usually Mormons seem to have good rational and reasoning to back up thier faith....get a little deeper and they are lost. The dont have critical thinking skills in general...everything is thought out for them.

If you want a prime example and poster child for what Mormons believe look no further than fear Monger Glen Beck. He is a very bizzarro TV guy that feels that he is doing gods work....but all he is really doing is serving up the Kool-Aide, YIKES!!

Although the Mormon institution has its faults ...there are many very good things about the church...and I mean that, they get a worse rap than they deserve. They make adjustments when their proverbial arm is twisted, like Polygamy(the us government threatened by force) all of a sudden god told them to stop the practice he told them to initiate through a prophet??!!. Then the issue of racism and blacks holding the priesthood. Black fairly recently were not allowed to hold certain offices...because of the curse...the mark(blackness) Cain killed Able...or something!

As far as politics go I remember my friends fathers who happened to be devout Mormon praising Ronald Reagan....a lot of well to do Mormons worship Reagan, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a push in 2012 for Romney and he will be very Reagan like.

I think Mormons should work on solving problems in their own back yard before they start trying to dictate how everyone else lives. But as they will tell you...THEY are the only true church and unless others follow their way ....upper levels of heavan and celestial rewards are not to be had.

I am supportive of Mormons and others right to have thier belief but it is not tolerable in my opinion for groups to excercise their faith at the expense of others. Im not a big fan of guys marrying guys but....get the churches out of deciding on civil unions...who can and cant have them. If people of faith were so concerned about gays,gay rape,homosexuality and other such perverse things...why didnt they stop the catholics. where is that justice?? what about those souls?? what about it..where were you do gooders?????

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