Monday, December 1, 2008

Health Care Battles..get your facts Early

Be prepared for a lot of scare stemming from insurance and Pharma industry when it come to any health care innovative reform. They are the biggest pigs at the trough with the most to lose. People need to rise up and support mandatory health care for every person. People en mass need to reject propaganda and fear tactics from BIG Business. Here are some recent articles you should get familiar with.

Health Industry Finds strategy to influence the Public
"Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) recently summed up the dilemma in an interview with Politico, saying, "The big thing for Republicans is to communicate that it is not acceptable for 40 million people in America not to have health insurance. But it's also unacceptable to turn our whole health care system over to the same people who ran Katrina and ran the Iraq war and [are] running the bailout.""


Melamine and FDA protection(er Lack of)
There are three things you need to understand about this issue: First, after the melamine scandal broke in China and sickened tens of thousands of babies, the FDA assured the American people that U.S. infant formula products were 100% safe and contained no melamine.

They were wrong.

Secondly, when the FDA's own tests discovered melamine contamination in U.S. infant formula products, it actively sought to hide the test results from the public. It only disclosed the test results after being forced to do so by a FOIA petition filed by the Associated Press. (We gotta thank AP for doing this, by the way. Nice job on their part!)

Thirdly, once the melamine contamination results were made public, the FDA abruptly announced that 1ppm (or less) of melamine in infant formula was suddenly "safe." This decision was based on no science whatseover and was obviously a panicked defense of the U.S. infant formula manufacturers whose products are contaminated with melamine.

...........Natural News/a must read...........

Autism and Vaccines"
Truth will always can be manipulated and delayed by those motivated by greed and malice...but the souls of humanity will prevail. Age of autism provides great up to date is some latest it..
the list of scientists, doctors, public health officials and government leaders who now believe that a vaccine-autism connection is at the least possible, and should be researched further.

Earlier this week, Dr. Peter Fletcher, former Chief Scientific Officer at the UK Department of Health was added. Now, eight more prominent researchers have joined the group. (See list below – they are the last eight names added)."

...................Age of Autism/Kirby.........

Trickle Down Affect???
Big Pharma Conspiracy: Doctors Regularly Bribed
So when your local doc wants to put your kids on heavy drugs...he was most likely influenced un-wittingly by the top dogs at places like Harvard. So when you present a question or a concern, The docs will quip..."don't believe everything you read on the Internet!" because they perused their medical journal that was bought and paid for by big business...ask questions!
"....the Harvard researchers have also pushed for the aggressive treatment of the disease with antipsychotics, which are not licensed for such a use. The discovery that those same researchers concealed massive payments from the drug industry has cast further doubt on their motivations, and has led many to wonder if too many children are now being diagnosed and treated with potentially dangerous drugs...."

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