Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vaccination Nation $$$$$$$$

Seems like every day there is something in the news about Vaccines...and that is good. Today is an odd bit of news ..but very telling...the Atlanta AP says
.."About one in 10 U.S. doctors who vaccinate privately insured children are considering dropping that service largely because they are losing money when they do it, according to a new survey."

Reading this article made me recall a visit to Missoula doc Ted Lane to get the kids in compliance with the Mandated T-Dap shot....He was defensive and cavalier when questioned about the safety and or need of this vaccine...I wonder how eager he would be to give shots if he didn't make any $$$$$ off the Jabs? I had expected an intelligent and professional response after hearing about Ted's progressive opinion's on other health related things like dairy.
The article goes on to say
..."About half said they had delayed buying at least one vaccine because of the cost. Roughly one in five said they felt strongly that reimbursement for the purchase and administration of vaccines was not adequate."

I understand that doctors have a business, well they quaintly call it a practice but more and more it is a business...and I do not blame the docs...they are the ones on the front line...they depend on other support networks to help them help us, like they need adequate insurance. We all believe in the basic concept of insurance...but in my opinion the insurance industry is an evil parasite screwing us all. Then the pharma industry is supplying Doc's with bogus information and drugs undermining the entire system to make a a lot of money. So money becomes the big pay the high insurance premiums...they gotta push marginal if not idiotic drugs to make more money. The article continues with
...."Most pediatricians are likely to keep giving vaccinations to kids, partly because of altruism and partly because giving shots drives business. "For us to give up vaccines would hurt our core business because that's why kids come in," Lessin said.

But family practice doctors — who are not as dependent on vaccinations for patients — may decide the shots are too much of a financial headache, he added."

So then we see the propaganda machine at work scaring the lemmings into the clinics for some kinda treatment to avoid some horrible malady that was manufactured by the drug companies and/or the media. like the vaccine for HPV...the article ends by mentioning this cost..."
Some have been unusually expensive, including Gardasil, a vaccine for girls against cervical cancer which is given in three doses over six months and is priced at about $375 for the series."

I don't feel bad for the doc's, most wont embrace any change...its the way they were schooled and then if one of their comrades does so with out group out! They may just lynch anyone that attempts or say anything not in lock step with what they know...that is too threatening. Holy smokes what would happen if they had to think....??


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