Thursday, November 6, 2008

GMO food lessons for kids

I was listening to our sixth grader talk about his day at school and all the great things they learn. I mean that, they have some great teachers at our school here in Target Range. Well the subject of Genetically Modified (engineered) food came up and of course I was courious. They get this little news paper like thing called the World History Studies weekly published by American legacy publishing based in Utah.

The artcle started out like this..."Have you ever heard of genetically engineered food? Now, dont be ashamed if you say "no". I like how the subvesive connection is made between being ashamed and not knowing about GMO's. the article goes on to state that farmers like GMO products because they dont have to buy pesticides....and this we know is an outright lie or completely ignorant sloppy journalism. Monsanto alters the traits of foods so that they are resistant to pesticides, therefore they can sell MORE pesticides to the Farmer...and get the farmer to buy more seeds every year because they are patented.

The best one is when the author explains how this technology can be used to feed the starving people of the world. Someone needs to inform the author that we in the USA already pay farmers to NOT farm their land. Feeding the poor starving people in third world countries is just a PR talking point so that GMO's can gain emotional acceptance. The article does mention some worry about this technology in terms of creating "franken foods" but only explains them as pesticide resistant weeds.

The article reminds me of a pay for post artcle, an ad or PR piece that appears as a legit piece of journalism. I dont know why they would be citing a 3 year old study that focused on acceptance and knowledge of GMO's rather than facts on what GMO's are and the real dangers.

It seems that more and more schools are being used to influence kids, their beliefs but more in terms of how they will eventually spend their Money.

In Montana...On January 27,2003 the Montana State Senate unanimously passed a bill which says that the introduction of GM wheat and barley “must be carefully timed so that it occurs only when there is acceptance of these crops by Montana’s major customers.” Timing and acceptance are important...not safety,.Source

Do you wonder why they call it round-up ready...because they can dump tons of toxic chemicles on it....and finally we now get GMO sugar..."After seven years of keeping sugar from genetically modified sugar beets out of their food, Kellogg, Hershey’s and the Wyoming based American Crystal Sugarwill use sugar made from genetically modified (GM) beets.

The decision marks a turnaround for Crystal Sugar, the nation’s largest sugar producer,....source
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