Thursday, November 6, 2008

Montana election fraud??

I dont you? I cant point to any specifics but there just seems to be a quiet acceptance of results even though we are still counting our votes with the highly controvesial ES&S voting machines. ES&S problems are wide are a few examples...

Its like highing a cleptomaniac to manage your store....they may not rip you off guaranteed to have a problem down the road! The time to fix this problem is before we have one!!

---However, Montana State law still leaves large security holes in needed election protection procedures, including:
1) Requiring that only one election official look at ballots in a recount, in spite of general national understanding that at least two examiners, (one each from opposing parties), should examine each recounted ballot.

2) Montana recount law only allows recounts in elections where the vote difference the rest

---Currently in Minnisota..(this is a big one)..A spokesman in Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's office said the M-100 optical scan machines used in the Coleman/Franken race were tested and performed accurately.

But it's possible, Ritchie said in an interview with Minnesota Public Radio Tuesday, that a recount will uncover voter machine failures that could tip the outcome of the election in Franken's favor. read the rest

---...What this means on Election Day is that ES&S, a private company, manages everything about the voting, from voter registration, the printing of ballots, the programming of the voting machines, the counting and tabulation of the votes, and the final reporting of the results for 60 million Americans in 47 states....more here

---Al Franken's Razor-Thin MN Senate Race Counted on Flawed Optical-Scan Systems
PLUS: Details on 'What in the Hell Happened in Alaska' and Georgia and Oregon...
I'm exhausted, so forgive me if I make this quicker than it deserves. And if I haven't yet been able to jump into a myriad of other elections of serious concern around the country still today.

But just a few quick the rest

---Audits still lacking
All those changes heartened Sara Busey of Missoula, who is the Help America Vote Act representative for the Montana League of Women Voters, but the league's top priority for making elections more secure was rejected by the 2007 Legislature. secure elections rejected????? read the rest

---“If your party is in control in that battleground state, the national campaign will leave it to the local officials,” Gross said. “If your person is not in power they start to get very anxious and paranoid.”

Bauer has won a suit in Michigan and in Montana last month. In Michigan, Republicans promised not to specifically challenge voters whose homes had been foreclosed. In Montana, a judge blocked the Montana’s Republican Party’s effort to declare thousands of voters ineligible. the rest here
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