Thursday, November 20, 2008

GMO not so Common Sense

melonmmnjk.jpgThe battle against science, as some would have you believe rages on. True food group is active about Genetic modified animal and says this...

...." Genetically engineered animals may be heading to your local supermarket faster than you think. Though creating animals in a lab sounds like science fiction, it’s happening right now..."

There seems to be a frenzied push to get GMO foods into our lives, I didnt know the biotech companies cared about us and the starving 3rd world children so is what they are saying....
"The development of golden rice was, it seemed, compelling and inspiring evidence that GM crops are the answer to malnutrition and hunger. Time quoted former U.S. President Jimmy Carter: “Responsible biotechnology is not the enemy, starvation is.”

One Monsanto ad tells the public: “Biotechnology is one of tomorrow’s tools in our hands today. Slowing its acceptance is a luxury our hungry world cannot afford.” On the Food Revolution site John adds

..."For countless centuries farmers have fed humanity by saving the seed from one years crop to plant the following year. But Monsanto, the company that claims its motives are to help feed the hungry, has developed what it calls a “Technology Protection System” that renders seeds sterile. Commonly known as “terminator technology,” and developed with taxpayer funding by the USDA and Delta & Pine Land Company (an affiliate of Monsanto), the process genetically alters seeds so that their offspring will be sterile for all time. If employed, this technology would ensure that farmers cannot save their own seeds, but would have to come back to Monsanto year after year to purchase new ones."

The entire premise that we can feed the hungry with GMO technology seems flawed when we pay farmers in the USA 1.8 billion dollars to not farm. Here in Montana we have 3.3 million acres enrolled in this government program 2nd highest of the almost 35 million acres nation wide.

There is some benefit from the conservation recovery program, environmentalists and hunters are pleased, and markets are stablized. The USDA site states

..."CRP protects millions of acres of American topsoil from erosion and is designed to safeguard the Nation's natural resources. By reducing water runoff and sedimentation, CRP protects groundwater and helps improve the condition of lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. Acreage enrolled in the CRP is planted to resource-conserving vegetative covers, making the program a major contributor to increased wildlife populations in many parts of the country."

The bottom line I must sadly admit, is that Monsanto and other biotech companies care about 1 thing....and that is making money...and by controlling our food source we will be enslaved to them and their Patents. This is assuming all this Franken food is safe, either way you will pay and pay to eat

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