Friday, November 21, 2008

Vaccine fear...your not alone

vaccine fearSeems to me that there are two camps developing in reference to the hot topic of vaccination. Fear seems to have underpinnings in most people sentiments, be it getting a dreaded life altering disease like Whooping cough or will the vaccine cause Autism or some other horrible reaction. Good and credible information is key for many of us to make good choices for ourselves and our families, and there is a lot of information much of it mis-information or information that is complex and confusing. Doctor have a Legal and Ethical obligation to have a communication process with patients that can be referred to as informed consent, this includes but is not limited to disclosing and discussing the risks and benefits of a treatment or proceedure.

Recently we took our two kids to get the required T-dAP shots to the family pediatrician. The kids nervouse about the shots politely asked the doctor some specific legitamate questions. The doctor clearly showed his impatience and responded that he really didnt have time to answer and we could reschedule. I couldnt believe the unprofessional cavalier attitude. Sadly this is a systemic morale problem that transcends the individual Doctor with profound adverse affects on us all.

The reason I decided to write this post is because I heard about a new local Doc. here in Missoula that was hosting a presentation on vaccines. Dr. Teresita Martinez of the Golgi clinic will share her personal and professional perspectives on this very important topic, I plan to attend. I certianly have formed some strong opinions regarding the issue as you may know ...especially if you have read other sections of this blog. First I was impressed that Dr. Martinez is brave enough to take the time to get involved with the community this way...(perhaps she doesnt like to golf). Second...I decided to call the clinic and feel it out, I got to speak with Dr. Martinez and ask a few refreshing, I got real answers.

GolgiHere is a link to there website if you think about going...Golgi Clinic

I hope to have a juicy update

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