Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flu Season (NON)Facts ??

I saw Christy Yamagucci the Olympic ice skater on TV using her cheesey star mug to promote flu vaccines. I have seen it in other places like there was a place you could vote and get the JAB at the same time. Why is there such a push to get the Flu shot?? To save lives of course...guess how many lives are saved...well they can only estimate...but it is estimated that a few hundred lives are saved....What you say only a few hundred and they are not sure that the vaccine did it ....

WHY...because there is no proof..NONE, that the flu shot works...the CDC even admits is a very dodgy science clouded in mystery....!!

The PR/Propaganda is interesting here is an example of the push from a typical health site...

"Today, I want to focus on something that confronts all of us right now. That is the annual winter flu," he said. "The seasonal flu kills an average of 36,000 Americans every year(this number is pulled from the CDCs own web site). It sends some 200,000 to the hospital and costs countless lost days of school and work. Much of this can be prevented by the simple act of getting a flu shot."

---the sesonal flu only kills 1-4% of that 36,000 and most of those are 65 and older..with other serious health problems. here is the raw data ....FROM the CDC
.."You can also access the raw data and various National Vital Statisics Reports for the United States. The most interesting National Vital Statistics Report available so far is the preliminary report from 2002, which shows the number of deaths for 2002 (estimated) and 2001 (final). If you open this document and go to page 16, very near the bottom of the table you will see that the number of influenza deaths for 2002 is estimated at 753, and the final total for 2001 is 257. This means that the number of deaths from the flu -- which should have been about 72,000 for the two years combined -- was only about 1,010".

---I like how they try and scare you with "ALL of us" like you are at risk for death... and the prevention solution..."simple act" cmon!!

There is no controversy...this is a no brainer(except those who profit from this these mercury, toxic laden flu shots want you to be confused)

and there is A lot of Profit....sound familiar??

---here is some MSNBC bullshit...Officials say more should get flu shots
Babies, elderly among most at risk; record supply of vaccine to be available

at least look into is a start

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