Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Montana's Baucus makes care

Get ready to be bombarded by oodles of propaganda and scare tactics, I have to admit I like to see big Pharma squirm....we will follow our boy Max and his efforts....a link to the entire article is posted at the bottom

Healthcare reform's kumbaya moment didn't last long. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association will roll out a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign this week that aims to make "people aware of the importance of preserving your free-market healthcare system," as a senior executive told the Washington Times.

They fear loosing lotsa folks its a business with share holders...THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH
You can multiply that sentiment many times over by perusing the fine print of a comprehensive and well-reasoned healthcare reform plan issued last week by Max Baucus, the easy-going Democrat from Montana who chairs the powerful Senate finance committee.

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