Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hospital screw up leaves Mom a quadruple amputee...

So how does this happen? we have all heard these stories and it seems like they happen more and more. Morale is down in the medical profession because they are puppets of the insurance and Pharma industry...then come along the evil lawyers making it worse. If it were not for the Lawyers she would be blamed and she would be is here story with a link to the entire article...

She went to a Brooklyn emergency room suffering from what she thought was just a kidney stone, but a medical nightmare left her partly blind and a quadruple amputee.

"I woke up with black feet and black hands," Mullings said.

Grappling to get the infection under control, doctors were forced to amputate both her feet and hands. The infection rendered her blind in her right eye.

source nydailynews
What do we learm from this? Be proactive question your doctor,research those Vaccines they wanna jack you and your kids up with, Get others..ask questions...speak out

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